What is it?


YounGO is a collaborative project that promotes skills and capacity development in 7 social and academic organisations working in the youth sector in Europe, specifically, in Spain, Romania, Italy, Greece, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Slovakia. Its goal is to boost engagement in social entrepreneurship and youth participation, with a focus on:

1. Disseminating methodologies for social entrepreneurship with the goal of generating new opportunities among young people.

2. Training organisations and engaged young people in a methodology that promotes an entrepreneurial mindset and develops skills with a social focus among young people in Europe.

3. Promoting and implementing creative initiatives and projects led by young people that foster employment, including self-employment, generating added value and benefits for the immediate social setting through the acquisition of new skills and capacities that boost their employability.

4. Boosting the cooperation between social, academic and business organisations for the exchange and implementation of innovative practices that promote youth social entrepreneurship.