Society is changing, and with it all aspects of its surroundings. The social economy in
general and social entrepreneurship in particular are two small indications of these global
changes. A study of social entrepreneurship as a strategy to overcome youth
unemployment does not merely involve seeking to satisfy an intellectual curiosity. It is a
task that also takes us to the very root of how society changes and how we can find the
innovative practices that can help us reach a new economic model. We are carrying out this
study of social entrepreneurship in the framework of the programme YounGO: encouraging social
entrepreneurship among European youth. This programme is aimed at young people in various
countries, to promote social entrepreneurship in their communities through training and
capacity building, and an exchange of innovative methodologies. The programme was
launched by Jovesolides Spain and Red Creactiva at the end of 2015, with a duration of 18
months. The main objectives of the programme are youth skills development, promoting
social entrepreneurship among young people, and spreading social innovation.
Type of material: 
social entrepreneurship
Study​ ​of social entrepreneurship​ ​among European Youth