From any part of Spain and  the world, the young come in labscreativa that  not always have a social project, but they have in common the enthusiasm to learning, and the need to take part in changes that improve the society. They believe that  another world is possible, and for this they accept  a no simple challenge, seen from another perspective to your around. The objective: Create other models of  more just and equal society through communication and creativity.
The labscreactivas, proposed since Jovesolides and Red Creactiva, are an open space of interaction and collaboration, in which will see to the assistants innovative tools SCPS (creative solutions to social problems). Spaces where you can share ideas, disappearing boundaries and creativity is overflowing.
It is precisely what most liked Judith Blázquez, from San Sebastián, that stimulus cash of the creativity. “I think that all are born with it, but in schools we greatly limit, and let us not very free to create what we want. And I feel very sad that they destroy that part of you. Because when you are creative, you can solve many problems”.
Another feature more featured at labcreactivas attendees is that it teaches nothing theoretical. “Everything is through dynamics and teamwork, as necessary for any social change”, say Judith, Industrial design engineer whose greatest concern is education.
Judith Bláquez durante una de las dinámicas.
In these labs also land people as Dani Sanchiz, 24 years old, geographer with an interesting innovative social project under the arm. His wish is creating along with three friends more (all present at the last workshop) an environmental consultancy focused on social. “We want work in the in the revitalization and regeneration of vulnerable neighborhoods. And we want to do so through collaborative work both with the neighbour's there, as with the rest of the citizenship”. For this young the main problem in the society is “the lack of equity and of awareness with the people that are different to us”.

Dani Sanchiz, geógrafo y futuro innovador social.
Not is necessary a project social to participate in the workshops
The impression of everyone after participating in a labcreactiva, container space of ideas for change, is very positive. At a general level, people value the diversity of these profiles, permanent creativity abuse and breaking stereotypes.
And It is not necessary to go with an innovative project, or an idea to develop. There are many people who only come to learn new things. As it is the case of Carla Partal, administrative in a hospital. "My interest leading to the go to these workshops is mostly learning. I had always understood the word entrepreneurship from the economic point of view... But social innovation is create solutions to problems in a creative way. Think outside the established”. This dreamer of 29 years who signed up to "break their own barriers", stresses that everything she learned will be teaching his little sister. Besides, Carla would encourage to any person to participate in the experience. “My project I am myself, and am going to reverse what has been learned in my environment."
Carla Partal compartió con nosotros su entusiasmo.
Similar thinks José Antonio Aguilar, one of committed geographers who enjoyed the last labcreactiva. With 28 years already has received along with his companions a prize for the best idea of territorial social entrepreneurship. For him social innovation “is not something new”. He say that “have always done things to help people”. And for him the most important is that these labs “you empower, and you encourage to do more things".
José Antonio Aguilar es un habitual en estos talleres.
If you are between 18 and 30 years old, you have or not a social project in mind, discover the functioning of these workshops. The next will take place them days: 18, 19 and 20 of November in Valencia. The labcreactiva develops within the Project #Innovat of Jovesolides to foster the entrepreneurship social among the youth European with the help of the Erasmus programme of the European Union plus. Sign up!

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