Following its success at the 2nd International Social Innovation Forum, Gigalab is back for this year’s event. The idea is for everybody who participates in this forum to learn a methodology they can implement within their own organisation to generate creative ideas. The end goal is the essence underlying social innovation: to apply creative solutions to social problems.
At Jovesolides and Red Creactiva we have set ourselves the challenge that each forum features a new methodology, one that can be shared and used to bring change to the world. So we decided we had to bring Gigalab back this year.
In the three-hour session we will be outlining our Factor 5 method, a new and powerful strategy to influence and motivate groups of people based on the principles of gamification. Gamification consists of using typical elements of game playing in other areas of activity, as a means of boosting people’s concentration.
At the Forum we will be looking for approaches to solving the big social challenges of the day, such as the humanitarian crises affecting refugees, school bullying, domestic violence, social turbulence in deprived neighbourhoods and youth unemployment. All of the ideas generated will have to respond to the five factors of social innovation… and that’s all we’re going to tell you for now.
If you want to find out more, simply book your place on this third edition of the Social Innovation Forum, a unique and inspiring meeting point where you will learn from the experience of others, and vice versa.
Book your ticket and enjoy the discounts available for members of Red CreActiva. Groups (40€), and for students and the unemployed (20€). Write to us for your discount code at

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