If we look at the programs of political parties, which today is a very simple thing to do, we realize that social entrepreneurship and social innovation are not mentioned at all. The European Union and various international institutions have stressed again and again the importance of promoting these tools, but in Spain it is barely mentioned and  it is basically limited to the regional level, as is the paradigmatic case of the Basque Country. In a context where social problems multiply and the youth unemployment rate remains the highest in Europe, the political momentum of social innovation and social entrepreneurship becomes an urgent task.

Based on this situation, during 2014, Red Creactiva organized four tables of Social and Political impact (Barcelona, Getxo, Madrid and Valencia) with representatives from different social sectors that will contribute ideas in order to help to reverse this situation. The various approaches led to a multitude of initiatives regarding the operation of the administrations, educational content or the role of Third Sector organizations. This partnership between professionals from the education sector, political parties, social organizations and public administration was finally materialized in 23 concrete proposals which aim to achieve the incorporation of social innovation and social entrepreneurship in the political agenda. They are seen as important tools for the country's development in general and the promotion of youth employment in particular, at the same time seeing the Third Sector organizations as key partners.

You can see the entire document HERE.

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